Race Records

Congratulations to all our current record holders. Will they still stand after the event? Good luck everyone!
[table colalign=”left|left|right|center”]
Event[attr style=”text-align:centre”],Name[attr style=”text-align:center”],Time[attr style=”text-align:center”],Year[attr style=”text-align:centre”]
Marathon Run – Men’s,Peter Handcock,2:42:37,2005
Marathon Run – Woman’s,Melanie Bourke,2:50:06,2005
Marathon Walk – Men’s,Eric Kemsley,4:27:27,2005
Marathon Walk – Woman’s,Robyn Wolfsbauer,5:00:28,2009
½ Marathon Run – Men’s,Phil Costley,1:07:54,2007
½ Marathon Run – Woman’s,Nicole Goldsmid,1:26:45,2013
½ Marathon Walk – Men’s,Eric Kemsley,1:57:10,2006
½ Marathon Walk – Woman’s,Michelle Lei,2:03:50,2005
10km Run – Men’s,Brad Mathas,0:34:28,2012
10km Run – Woman’s,Gabrielle O’Rourke,0:38:25,2010
10km Walk – Men’s,Jon Roskvist,1:02:08,2011
10km Walk – Woman’s,Tina Bell,1:02:38,2012
5km Run – Men’s,Craig McLean,0:18:04,2009
5km Run – Woman’s,Sarah Graham,0:20:23,2014
5km Walk – Men’s,Jon Roskvist,0:31:14,2012
5km Walk – Woman’s,Christine Tuka,0:34:36,2007

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